December 28, 2015

So, in what seems to be horrific timing, I injured my back. Having a hard time standing, walking, running, sleeping, dancing – most all the “ings.” Discouraged also, I’m realizing that I feasted more on Christmas than I should have, my kids are probably wondering where I am right now, and I’m not sure how I feel about turning 38 years old on Thursday. When did that happen? Where did the last two decades of my “adulthood” go, I wonder. These thoughts make me flip-flop between laughter (at myself,) and a locking in my throat that makes my eyes water. I guess I’m a pretty good archetype for the “emotional woman” character today. But reflecting long enough on these thoughts, the obvious stares me in the face… The reality is that this world knocks you down. You can be absolutely certain of that. And many of us have a choice to make once we are down –- allow ourselves to sink further into the mud, or grasp whatever will pull us into peace, gratitude, and joyous expectation. In our hearts, we all cling to something. As for me, I will cling to a person --my God will lift me up. I worship a God who loves and whose sacrifices are perfect. He will lift me up. My struggles, though paling in comparison to those of so many who hurt, are real nonetheless. And He will lift me up. He will help me walk into 38 years old, run into the year 2016, and dance into Luz with peace, gratitude, and joyous expectation. I pray your reflections on 2015 bring comfort to your hearts and motivate you too. Happy New Year, everyone.