November 9, 2016 CHOREOGRAPHY Part 2

Continuing this series of quick blog posts to share some of the inspiration, development, and meaning behind some of the pieces that will be presented in Luz.

Title: Alumbre 

This piece was choreographed by Fanny Ara in 2015 and is set to the music of Diego El Cigala, featuring Diego del Morao, “Sevillanas de Juan Antonio.” In four coplas, the choreography showcases modern flamenco movement and more complex rhythmic ideas than usually seen in traditional Sevillanas.   
For me, this piece symbolizes the duality of mothers who are artists--the two roles we play as parents and as creators.  This duality is both beautiful and overwhelming.  
Since Sevillanas is normally danced in pairs, this symbolism manifests in a solo piece where the dancer plays her own “pareja.” This piece speaks to the tug-of-war within the heart of mother artists--the pull from home to be there for our families, and the pull from the studio/stage to be our creative selves. Loving mother or independent artist? This piece is about the call to be both, the acknowledgment of the sacrifices on both sides, and the rejoicing in the blessings on both sides. The balance is daily measured.  
 While at times we may fail at either role (or both), we have a unique opportunity. Mothers can bring distinctive and necessary perspectives to the art world. And of course, an artistic perspective can illuminate the practice of motherhood.