October 26, 2015

As promised, here is the first entry of a blog: LUZ UPDATE

What I’ve come to realize more fully in the last few days is how much it means when a mother is supported by other women in the arts. This is huge....Yesterday Fanny Ara traveled to AZ to continue mounting choreography in the studio with me. I have to admit that while I watched her create the movement for the closing piece, I was lost – but in a good way. The truth is, I am often mesmerized by Fanny’s beauty in movement. Sometimes, even sweaty and tired in the studio, it takes my breath away. Those of you who know her know how incredibly phenomenal she is in so many ways. This, along with the fact that she has been one of my most supportive colleagues and friends, is why I wanted so much to work with her. In the last several months that we have collaborated, I’ve been so blessed. When I have asked for help, she has come through. She has selflessly given her effort, energy, and encouragement time and time again. Yesterday, I was surrounded by women who generously gave me advice and helped me problem-solve. Being a mom didn’t make me deserving of this help, but in the asking for help, I was humbled, and in receiving, I was loved. This is part of the message of Luz , and I am in awe.   

Please share this with your friends and family who love to support the arts and use the hashtag #Luz on your social media posts, as I’d love to see your thoughts! Thank you all! And of course, thank you Fanny Ara - though there are literally hundreds of gorgeous photos of you, this is my favorite.